What is Spotten?

Student lives are riddled with various struggles and hurdles throughout - inevitably making it a difficult job for the people managing them as well. Spotten is a Student Relationship management platform built to make everyone’s life a bit easier. Every student is affixed with a unique spot id through which we bring various benefits to students and faculty alike through various features and models designed for them.

Unique Identity

In India, businesses have not really been to pass on privileges and offers exclusively for students because of the lack of a unique identifier that is universally accepted for identification. We share the dream of achieving this massive feat of creating a unique spot id for every student in the country eventually so that there is an influx of new opportunities and benefits that can be planned around this and passed onto them.

Benefit Module for students

As mentioned in the intentions behind creating a unique id for every student in the country, the goal is to pass on maximum benefits and utilities to students as possible. These are things that help with different aspects of their day to day lives. Listed below are a few: Job portal, Brand deals, trading platform, bookstore, inter college connect and much more.

Student Information and College Operations

Equal amount of thought and work has been put on to make the platform beneficial to faculty as well. By having online records of students where even the day to days can be monitored, it will drastically enhance the way student performances are tracked and acted upon. When multiple data points are brought together on your fingertips for a particular student it provides you with a macroscopic and microscopic vision of things and helps you identify strengths and weaknesses better.

One platform. Multiple uses.

Redundancy and clutter are two things that keep cropping up due to new necessities being added to our lives every day in the digital world. Spotten aims to solve this problem by giving the students most of what they would need in their day to day on one single platform. This helps reduce unnecessary distractions and encourages optimal utilization of their time. Apart from the previous mentioned capabilities the platform also has sections for classes, videos, webinars, announcements, online exams, social space etc.

Office Address

MVR Estates, Road No: 13, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, TS - 500034.

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